I an' I - My Trip to Jamaica!

On the 13 September (my 22nd birthday) we were on our way to 56 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica. I travelled with my father and when we finaly touched down and were outside the airport I was asked by the taxi-driver if I wanted to stop on the way to see Peter Tosh's tomb. At the time I didn't know too much about him, but I knew he was a friend and brother of Bobs so I said - "Yeah, sure i'd love to."

We were met by a man holding a big bag of ganja, he was a nephew of Peter. He led me into Peters tomb were he asked me if I smoked herb. I said, "Sure" and he pulled out a spliff and we shared it. The conversation was simple. He asked me were I came from and how did know Peter, he then asked me did I own any of his Albums; I only had one then - 'Legalize it'.

When we finished we went outside where my Dad took this picture of us. I thanked him for showing me around, and said goodbye to him as we left for Bobs house in Kingston.

When we got there we took a tour with a group of tourists, I was in the actual room were he was ambushed in 1976! After being through most of the house including his bedroom we watched a 20 min segment of the 'Time Will Tell' video in the private cinema beside the house, which brought the tour to an end.

We stayed the night in a hotel in Ochio Rios. I had one more thing to see in Jamaica, and that was Bobs final resting place in a village called Nine Miles, his birthplace. The next morning we drove up the country to the hills of Nine Miles.

When we arrived at Bobs birthplace we were greeted by some Rasta guides and we asked about a tour. Like, Hope Road we were taken all around the house where Bob spent the early years of his life. Unlike Kingston there was a feeling of total calm and peace in the air. Then finally I was taken into Bobs final resting place. Like Peters, the coffin was in the center of the room, where it was placed 7ft above the ground.

The feeling I got was not one of sadness but a feeling of respect for this man who had done so much for so many people. Then as I sat there deep in thought one of the Rasta guides handed me a guitar, and said it was Bobs first hand made guitar. When it came to the end of the tour we were taken back to the guest room of the house were Bobs 'Time Will Tell' video was being played non-stop. While there, I felt the freedom to wander round when I was led to the back porch, where there was an incredible view of the surrounding village of Nine Miles.

I remember sitting there with a spliff that I asked one of the Rasta guides to roll for me. I just sat, smiling and thinking of where I was and how I got there - just by listening to the words of 'the higher man'. After our two day trip we arrived back in Negril where we still had the time to watch a few more sunsets and managed to get a couple of locals to take us to a Ganja field in the hills around Negril which was a nice way to end the visit to this beautiful country.

Since my trip to Jamaica, which I consider the best experience I've had in this lifetime; I have since travelled to Boston (many times as my sister works there) to see Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers perform - another uplifting experience. I have also been to the UK to see Damian Marley in concert.

Like father, like sons! The Marley brothers are all very good individually (they each seem to have a recognisable part of Bobs personality and style to them); but together they are amazing. The messages that Bob was spreading through his music and his philosophies just keep growing through his children and the many followers of Bob Marley! It reminds me of a song that Ziggy sings 'Are U Getting Jah Message?'.

I went to Dublin to see the Wailers band perform a couple of times, but that's another story... and there's been many more since!

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