I an' I - Damian Marley, Dublin - July 2010

Damian Marley was back in Dublin this year, with fellow rapper Nas, they were promoting their latest album Distant reletives. The date was 17th of July '10.

They played most (if not all) the tracks from their album, which is a rap-hiphop fusion of songs with an African theam, as well as several of their own individual tunes, and of course a great tribute to the Tuff Gong with 'Could you be loved'.

The show ended a good two hours after it started and we were lucky enough to get to meet Damian and a couple of others; including his manager who were taking it easy in a private room.

I managed to give Damian a little of me own 'supply' which he was happy to get, and I was happy to give him! I told him to keep coming back to Ireland and he said he would.

We left them to enjoy his present... Till next time!

You can check out Damian's facebook at http://www.facebook.com/damianmarley

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